Friends and Family

Insurance for You and Your Family

For the friends and family of union members, we also provide a variety of insurance coverage and savings program options.  These products can help you protect your loved ones’ future or save money on dental and veterinary care.

Choose a coverage plan below to explore which policy may work for you.

*Not available in all states.*

Protect your family with flexible term life insurance from The Union Labor Life Insurance Company that provides benefits during child-rearing years to help your family pay the mortgage, college tuition or loans if you are no longer there to care for them.

Health issues don’t have to prevent you from protecting your family’s future. With our Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance, there are no medical exams or health questions — your acceptance is guaranteed.

Help your loved ones pay off medical bills, final expenses and replace the loss of income. Get coverage until age 65, with the option to continue coverage until age 80 with a reduced benefit amount.

Offers affordable protection until age 25 that can later be converted into whole life coverage to help create a strong financial foundation for your child.

Choose a life insurance policy you can keep to age 100 and that builds cash value along the way.