All Products offered by Ullico Select

Life Insurance

Protect your family with flexible term life insurance from The Union Labor Life Insurance Company that provides benefits during child-rearing years to help your family pay the mortgage, college tuition or loans if you are no longer there to care for them.

Health issues don’t have to prevent you from protecting your family’s future. With our Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance, there are no medical exams or health questions — your acceptance is guaranteed.

Take the first step towards providing your loved ones the financial security they deserve. Spouse coverage is available. And you can collect living benefits while still alive for terminal illness or organ transplant.

Help your loved ones pay off medical bills, final expenses and replace the loss of income. Get coverage until age 65, with the option to continue coverage until age 80 with a reduced benefit amount.

Help your family pay for final expenses with life insurance available to union members, retirees and their spouses that guarantees continued coverage up to age 100.

Offers affordable protection until age 25 that can later be converted into whole life coverage to help create a strong financial foundation for your child.

Choose a life insurance policy you can keep to age 100 and that builds cash value along the way.

Ensure your loved ones are covered with renewable 10, 15 or 20-Year term life insurance that pays for life's expenses and may even replace lost income due to a covered family member's death.

AD&D Insurance

Receive up to $300,000 in Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, which provides 24 hours of coverage anytime, anywhere in the world.

Hospital Plans

Accidents happen. Choose coverage with in-hospital and out-of-hospital benefits that are paid directly to you in the event you are hospitalized due to a covered accident.

Prepare for unexpected costs that hospital insurance plans may not cover. Benefits are paid to you regardless of any additional coverage you may have.

Additional Products

Save on most dental procedures for you and your family with Union Labor Life's Discount Dental Plan for eligible members and their families. Discounts available on most dental procedures.

Pets are part of the family and that’s why protecting them is always a priority. Pet insurance exists because you should never have to make a difficult decision concerning your pet’s healthcare for financial reasons.

When it comes to protecting collector vehicles, standard auto insurance doesn't cut it. Your special vehicle requires special coverage. Ullico is proud to partner with Hagerty to offer their best-in-class insurance at the lowest price possible. Hagerty is passionate about keeping classic and collector cars on the road and people behind the wheel.

Critical Illness

Ensure your family is financially supported when it's needed most—helping you focus on your recovery, not your finances.

Receive a lump sum payment to help pay for expenses, medical bills or other necessities with a plan compliant with your Health Savings Account (HSA).

Provide your family with financial protection if you are diagnosed with cancer, so you can concentrate on treatment, not missed paychecks or medical bills.